Talentum is a philosophy, a system and management tool for the development of the human and organizational talent potential.

It identifies the potential of the human talent in terms of individuals, organizations and teams.
It does so by means of the competencies the organization decides to use (competencies of their own or competencies we provide).

If competencies are used, ¿how are they grouped?

Firstly, in the way the company has decided to group them (tailor made).
The model has different response areas with the purpose of dealing with human complexity:

  • Motivation and decision making skills under extreme situations or stress, tools provided by the thinking and alert styles (Analytical-Organized-Interpersonal-Innovative/ Introvert or extravert or both);
  • Subjective career projection;
  • Present life, work life and childhood;
  • Conclusions of the consultant;
  • Emotional state. Both present and historical;
  • Stress factors, both present and historical;
  • Resilience indicators, both present and historical;
  • Work history and subjective projection, ¿where is the person’s career heading for?
  • Leadership styles and decision making skills.
  • Potential «to do something»

The company receives:

  • A feedback with graphics, tables and an executive text (brief) plus a private in depth report for the person.
  • A team map.
  • Post (Work Position) and competency maps.
  • Post/Person potential maps.

What is the feedback like?
The person gets the feedback after the specialized consultant interprets the data of the answers and after writing, among others, a private feedback that goes back to the person in question and an executive feedback for the company, the person in charge of the selection, the boss, etc.

Other reports:

  • Team maps based on values,
  • Team maps based on alert systems (I-E),
  • Team maps based on styles,
  • Post maps,
  • Post/Person potential.

Our main clients are the following companies:

  • Veraz Equifax,
  • IBM, Accenture,
  • BBVA,
  • 3M,
  • Cargill,
  • HP,
  • Design Suites Hotels,
  • Sancor Seguros,
  • Syngenta,
  • Verizon Business,
  • GE, 
  • Adidas,
  • Cámara Alemana,
  • Hotel Boca Jr.;
  • Unindus (Br),
  • FV SA,
  • Darmex,
  • PGI,
  • Grupo Bermejo,
  • La casa del audio,
  • UTDT,
  • UADE Senior,
  • Ministerio de Economía, 
  • Nalco,
  • Zoologic,
  • Bimbo (Mx),

And professionals such as:

  • Coaches,
  • Psicólogos,
  • Counselors,
  • Psicopedagogos,
  • Orientadores Vocacionales,
  • Gerentes de RRHH,
  • Asesores,
  • Consultores,
  • Profesores Universitarios y de Escuelas de Posgrado y Máster,
  • Gerentes de Desarrollo de Personas y de Desarrollo Organizacional,
  • Responsables de Talento Organizacional y Capacitación.

  • Marketing and sales,
  • Production,
  • Finance,
  • Human resources,
  • Research and development,
  • Directors,
  • Executives,
  • Group managers,
  • Managers,
  • Regional VP,
  • Young professionals,
  • Trainees,
  • Vocational crisis situations,
  • Plant personnel.

Each in customized versions according to levels and interests.

  • Special population version (Tailor made),
  • Plant personnel version,
  • Adolescent version (professional guidance).

  • Potential identification,
  • Search of the effective sales profile,
  • Creation of integral brain teams,
  • Head hunting,
  • Internal applications,
  • Professionals’ loyalty,
  • Integration,
  • Competency development,
  • Leadership development,
  • Career development,
  • High performance team creation and development,
  • Virtual or remote team integration,
  • Young professionals
  • And much more.

Self administered questionnaires or e-questionnaires through the web, or written questionnaires for high executives. They take about 40 minutes to complete and we emphatically recommend the spontaneous answer since it has no correct answers.

  • Workshops
  • Teaching activities
  • Consulting sessions
  • Outdoor activities
  • Simulation activities
  • Training
  • Assessment center,
  • Organizational Culture,
  • Work context,
  • Coaching conversations,
  • Mentoring sessions,
  • Sales methodology and approach,
  • Professional guidance,
  • Trainer training,
  • Public speaking,
  • Team building,
  • Effective sales,
  • Adolescent and adult career advice,
  • Post descriptions,
  • Competency system implantation,
  • Turnover reduction,
  • Professionals’ loyalty.

Talentum questionnaire works by means of the Appreciative Inquiry (Coperrider) about the person’s possibilities and potential.
The methodology is also related to the identification of how the person takes decisions and what this person’s priorities are. This is why we use assertions to adhere to or to reject, with the forced election and the reelection method.
The first three questions of the Questionnaire’s Values Section are:

We search for the correct brain function homeostasis. Neuroscience contributes with lessons. From our investigation and field work in the last 20 years we can confirm its added value.

The questionnaire on Thinking styles and Alert styles begins in the following way:



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